Tesla unveils Pop-up Mobile Container Showroom


Tesla’s new pop-up strategy, brings the brand closer to potential buyers. Touring the US and Europe, the cars are housed in a custom modified ‘shipping container’ designed at Tesla.  Also featuring a limited range of retail merchandise and interactive POP displays, this concept allows Tesla to not only introduce their vehicle lineup to consumers, but to create a brand experience unlike with traditional retail. The mobile container store makes it’s first stop in Santa Barbara this week and onwards to the Hamptons on the East Coast. For more information visit Teslamotors.


Muji Pop-up Rest Stop @ NY Design Week



The Muji Pop-up Rest Stop #mujireststop, a custom designed kiosk inviting visitors to take a break from the NY hustle and experience their latest product, the Body Fit cushion. Launched as an in-store initiative at their Cooper Square store, Muji brings together white oak, steel, and some missing greenery from the streets of NY with a built in digital lounge where consumers can experience the Muji Relax app. Thanks for @mujiusa for the photo.