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With all the companies which have popped up (pardon the pun) in the last year or two posting listings for pop-up locations, our team has been working on a new site which launches in early 2016 which highlights the hidden fees these companies charge, the questions you really need to ask when renting a space for a pop-up to ensure you are legally renting, why you should be giving your money to the property owner and not the website listing the space, and we will provide no-commitment listings with contact information for the property owner and/or broker for your targeted location. We also offer location services if required, however with the information we provide to you free of charge, you will reduce your costs from your commitment to these web sites. image ©MartinMargiela/Paris

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Apprentice preview: the teams squabble over pop-up shops


Lord Alan Sugar turns up at the Apprentice house unexpectedly this week to give the contestants a new challenge. He ups the ante when he tasks the teams with setting up a discount shop in one of Manchester’s busiest retail centers. The respective teams must place their orders for branded goods to draw in bargain hunters before heading to wholesalers to stock up on high turnover items, including towels, scented candles, selfie sticks and sweets. But one team’s inept haggling and the other’s dire calculations have Versatile and Connexus squabbling before their shutters are even up. Taking to the streets to discover what will sell well, Lord Sugar’s aide Karren Brady has to intervene when two candidates’ audacious sales technique borders on fraud. Read more

A Pop-Up Holiday: The Resurgence and Relevance of Brick and Mortar

What is evident, especially this year, is that many retailers are still working to find that balance between “cyber and cement.” Gap closed more than 200 stores while, in contrast, e-commerce brands such as Warby Parker, ModCloth, Birchbox, and even Amazon have invested in opening physical stores to complement their online experience.

The 2015 holiday season will see an interesting line up of uncommitted retail relationships – or pop-up shops. This month, in the aftermath of the company’s split from Sears, iconic brand Land’s End announced the opening of temporary holiday stores in New York and Boston. Electric car maker Tesla touted more opportunities for test drives with the opening of pop-up shops in more than two dozen U.S. cities. Mattel-owned American Girl announced the temporary expansion of their retail footprint in selected U.S. cities until January, and Rhone, a men’s activewear company founded in 2013, opened its first “foray” into brick and mortar with a holiday pop-up shop in New York’s SoHo neighborhood.

So, why are so many brands jumping on the bandwagon and opening new brick-and-mortar stores? Read more

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Totokaelo moves into 54 Crosby Street pop-up location as a permanent tenant

Founded little over a decade ago in seattle, founder jill wenger knew from the very beginning what to bring to the table for totokaelo. having little experience in the retail industry, but astutely perceptive of the shifting needs and requirements of a new generation of shoppers, wenger crafted a concept that struck a sensitive chord. fast forward to 2015 in new york citywhere the young entrepreneur has taken a new leap of faith. wenger has relocated her operations to the u.s. east coast to make her biggest retail statement to date, and create a new blueprint of sorts for even bigger endeavours in the future.

settling for a five-storey red brick building in the heart of soho,   (more…)